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We build awesome websites, write incredible copy, provide precise translation, develop audiences and grow your profits

Websites that look good everywhere

Our web designers have been building great value websites and developing profitable web strategies since 2008.

From quick site makeovers to ‘bottom up’ website design and ongoing business development, our experienced team have a passion for helping your business succeed online.

We’re specialists in e-Commerce too, and with prices starting from just $149 – for a fully functioning, responsive website that looks just as good on a tablet or smartphone as it does on a regular PC or laptop – the quality of our work and the prices we charge can’t be beat.

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Copywriting and Editing

People like to read, it’s what makes them want to buy

You only have a few seconds to convince people to keep reading your message, and we have a real knack for producing engaging content that sells.

We’re experts in producing written content for websites, blogs, social media and promotional materials.

Copywriting and Editing

Translation and Interpretation

To sell to the world you need to speak their language

Our dedicated team of translators can accurately translate your message into the following languages; Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German and French.

We also offer proof-reading, voice-over, audio-translations and sub-titling in all of the above languages.

Translation Services

Local Marketing for Local Businesses

Smartphones, tablets and the mobile internet now provide a cheap and effective way to target local customers like never before.

To help get you started our local marketing consultants will even give you a free, tailor-made report detailing how your business could be attracting new customers and clients,desperate for the products and services you provide.

Put Your Business on the Map

Social Media Marketing

From creating a business page for your Facebook, or Google+ profile to advanced advertising practices and e-commerce, our social media strategies build fans, increase engagement and take your products or services to new audiences.

Attract new business, communicate with your clients and become a part of their online world.

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Internet Marketing Strategies for Business

Marketing and promoting your business, whether it’s locally, nationally or to the world, has changed forever.

Take your online promotion to the next level with our bespoke services for business. including:

•  SEO and website optimisation

•  Advertising on Google and Facebook

•  Email marketing campaigns

•  Professional blogging

•  Backlink and citation building

Who Are We

English Effect began life as a freelance copywriting service back in 2007. Happy customers soon began asking for if we knew other reliable web-based suppliers they could work with.

As ambitious, young entrepeneurs we developed a bold new strategy of managing these new projects ourselves, hiring other professionals – specialists in their fields – to help out with the stuff we couldn’t do ourselves.

Pretty soon we outgrew that model, and as former freelancers ourselves, we reached out to other flexible, self-employed talent to join us. We brought everything in-house and created a simple system that allowed us to handle projects of all sizes – collectively.

Our business is growing all the tme and we now have offices in the UK, America and New Zealand.

A unique appoach, the flexibility to handle projects of any size, exceptional results and very competitive pricing

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