Anyone can claim a free Google Places listing and little technical savvy is required to get started. But creating what can become a well-targeted free mini-site, that literally pumps new customers to your door, requires a lot more than filling in your opening hours and phone number.

The secret of a page 1 ranking on Google Local search results is knowing exactly what to say and precisely where to say it.

Because Google has certain guidelines, regarding the way it ranks and lists businesses in local searches, it’s critically important to get your listing on Google Local Maps right first time. Failing to do so could leave you way off the front page forever.

And grabbing one of Google’s coveted top 7 slots (the ones that appear on the first page of search results – see pic) takes a high degree of knowledge.

As does locating the right keywords your customers use online and tracking their behaviour, when they search locally for services or products to buy.

The fact is that many different factors influence and determine your ranking on Google Maps for Business, and consequently your position in Google local search results. A lot of it depends on your industry, competition for keywords, your location and how Google displays results in your area.

They’re all things that we’ve been working with for years, and using our DIY guide, or hiring us to set up your Google Maps Business mini-site means a guaranteed first page ranking in local searches, and a major new source of business that costs nothing to maintain and is likely to become your major source of new business, from as early as next week.

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