Or why a Google Maps listing will be more productive than your website

To many webmasters, Google’s Local listings have traditionally been little more than an afterthought. But in reality Google Places is something no business should be without.

Because by optimising your free mini-website, Google’s new Local Listing tool will make sure your advert is seen at the front of the queue for prospective customers.

google places for business. google maps for local business (33)And as Google is giving this tool away free, it makes perfect sense to use it. It is Google, after all.

It’s a smart investment and it’s a free investment.
Google’s Local listings puts your business up there with all the big players who have vast amounts of money to spend, but aren’t necessarily in your area.

This way, you have a great advantage over them, as Google likes to play fair.

Not only do you get your listing, you also get your phone number, pictures of you business as well as video content and a map to where your business is located.

For example, let’s say you’re a jeweller in Manchester, you’re never going to outmuscle the likes of H Samuel, Goldsmiths or Beaverbrooks because you don’t have the money to spend online, like they do.

But with Google Local listings you won’t have to, because Google will do it for you. Free of charge.

And don’t worry if you haven’t got around to creating your listing yet. Because when worded correctly, you can still get your free advert into one of the coveted top seven positions in Google Places. (If you’re struggling The English Effect can help)

That means free exposure to a huge potential market of would be customers who now prefer a quick search online to pacing the streets, in the search for the services and products they need…

Let’s face it, if your competitors are using this and you’re not, you’re missing out on heaps of opportunity. And in the current economic climate who can afford to do that?

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