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Google Places gives your business the free opportunity to get listed at the top of page 1, on local internet searches.

Because so many of us instinctively turn to Google, as our first (and often only) port of call, when searching for a service or product locally, Google has created Google Places, which displays local business listings on a map above other search results.

A free Google Business listing is potentially your most important local advertising tool. Because a local business listing on Google Maps and Google Places gives you the chance to put your business in front of local customers, at exactly the moment they search online for your products or services.

information aboout google maps87% of us now conduct some kind of research online, before buying locally. And when we’re looking for service providers, (like plumbers, accountants or hairdressers) that figure’s closer to 92%.

More importantly, with Google Places Local results appearing at the top of search pages, above normal websites, few of us look much further to find the services and products we need.

And best of all, with an optmised Google Places Local Business Listing, you will generate new customers and prospects on complete auto-pilot at absolutely no cost.

Google Places for Local Business – The Easy Way

A well crafted business listing, that ticks all the boxes Google requires, will show on page 1 of local searches. But it’s important to get your listing right.

In effect you’re creating a mini-website, containing all your relevant business information and it’s vital to include natural optimisation techniques. Done well a Local Business listing on Google Places will direct customers to your contact information, shown at the top of the page next to a map of your area.

When that happens expect the phone to start ringing
and customers to walk through your door.
google places google local business listings

Fail to Claim Your Free Google Places Local Listing Now &
You May Regret It 6 months, or a Year Down the Line.

Here at The English Effect we specialise in local online optimisation. We’ve been working with Google Places Local Listings for over 2 years and we really know our stuff when it comes to Google Local Listings.

Let us build you a Google Local Business listing, and we guarantee your company will shpw on the first page of Google searches in your town or city.

We offer 2 professional Google Places Local Listing packages for business.

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