Google Places and Google Maps for Local Business

It’s the best marketing tool you could wish for, if you’re serious about attracting new customers.

It’s always good to have your own website if you run a local business, and of course its a real ego boost to find yourself up there online. But what’s the point in spending hundreds, sometimes thousands, on a professionally made website if it struggles to compete with the competition for a top spot on Google? Especially if you’re a trader, craftsperson or service provider struggling to make a profit when times are hard.

Because the chances are most small companies and shops are caught up in a desperate struggle to get their site onto page one for a few keywords relating to their line of business. It can be expensive and the results are never guaranteed, no matter what your ‘web guy’ says.

That’s why turning your back on the world wide web and focussing your web endeavours locally is already working so well for thousands of small and medium sized businesses, whose main customer base is usually located within a few miles of their premises.

google local maps explained

And by targeting only the people online who are nearby your message gets seen by potential customers who are actually interested in doing business with you, rather than idol browsers and web surfers.

Google Places for local businesses is the new road map to success for small to medium sized firms, because it generates location related searches, which means even if you struggle to get your website, company or store noticed in global Google searches, you can easily rank well when people are searching in your town or city.

google local maps for businessClaiming a free Google listing and optimising it for the specific searches potential customers are making right on your doorstep, means a short description of your business, including phone number, address and email will appear alongside a map of your area, at thevery top of Google search results, above even the best ranking websites of your competition.

Because it works so well many small firms are now focussing all their local marketing efforts solely with Google Places. It’s highly practical and incredibly economical with no registration fee or ongoing charges.

But there’s a real knack to creating successful Google Places listings, and that’s where The English Effect can help you. We offer 2 solutions for small businesses who want a professionally made listing that ranks highly and attracts new customers on auto-pilot.

If you’re internet savvy and fancy a challenge we can provide you with a simple step-by-step blueprint, which you can easily follow to build what is, in effect, a free, Google hosted mini-website that contains all your key information, like the products or services you provide, where you’re located and how to buy from you.

The guide is available for instant download, so you can get started right away and your business could be ranking by tomorrow. It’s exactly the same system we use ourselves, and it’s been proven over and over again to produce Top 7 listings in Google local searches for hundreds of our satisfied clients.

Alternatively, if the idea of building a website sounds beyond your technological abilities The English Effect will be happy to do it for you. We’ve been working with Google Places for more than 2 years now and our service is quick, cheap and highly effective.

Our promise is a page 1 ranking in local online searches or your money back.

Google Places and Google Maps for business makes a lot of sense and is far more practical and affordable than every other form of local advertising bar none. Done well it guarantees a stream of new customers with no ongoing costs. And with so many local businesses struggling to make ends meet who doesn’t want a endless flow of new customers for nothing? Best of all, becasue Google even shows them your address on a map, you’re practically walking them to your door.

If you’d like to get your business seen by more people looking for the services or products you provide why not give Andy a call today on
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