Sites like Facebook. Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are changing the way business engage with existing customers and communicating with new and potential clients or buyers.

Building a strong visible image of your company – even if you’re only a local store, increases brand awareness, loyalty and the credibility of your enterprise.

Nearly 1 in 6 people log-in to Facebook everyday and by establishing your own ‘store window’, everyone you connect with become a silent sales agent by sharing your content with their friends and contacts.

I offer profile and page setup, graphics packages and management for all social sites, including:
Google Local

Advertising via social media has become at least as mainstream, plus infinitely more cost effective, targeted and successful, than newspapers. magazines or TV.

Your audience are already using social media sites and by embracing their phenomenal growth you establish trust, confidence and the humanisation of your business.

Wherever you’re at with your social presence I can help. From setting up your free business pages and profiles to designing eye-catching graphics and logos, use the contact page to get in touch. I’ll be happy to put together a free report based n your company and a no obligation quote for any work.

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